Ever'Man Natural Foods Co-Operative

Pensacola, FL | 17,000 SF | $2,300,000

The new addition and renovation to the Ever’Man Natural Foods Co-Operative health food store provides a 5,800-square-foot addition to the existing 11,300-square-foot store. The new addition accounts for a 33% increase in sales area and expands the deli, produce, and seafood sales areas. A new commercial kitchen and meat preparation area, as well as, walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, office, and stock areas were also incorporated into facility to support the Co-op's growing needs. To be consistent with the Co-op’s environmentally-conscious mission, the design incorporates sustainable design practices such as photovoltaic site lighting, LED lighting, and day-light harvesting. As a result, the project is designed and is being constructed to meet the criteria of LEED v3.0 Gold Certification.

The project also incorporates the renovation of a neighboring existing 2,300-square-foot vacant office building into the overall site. The renovated building will serve as the Co-op’s community room and will contain general meeting areas and a display kitchen for the Co-op to host outreach programs and organic cooking classes for its members.