University of Central Florida Physical Sciences Building

Orlando, FL | 128,000 SF | $34,000,000

This four-story facility was constructed in two phases. Phase I was a 54,000-square-foot physics and and chemistry research building including classrooms, administrative offices, and physics and chemistry research laboratories. Phase II was a 74,000-square-foot addition that included another laboratory module (54,000-square-feet) and a centeral atrium with an administrative function. The design included laboratory infrastructure to support future needs, an emergency power system, building wide uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system, and designs to reduce EMI and vibration within the physics laboratories. HVAC setback controls within the physics and chemistry labs were integrated into the fume hoods and controlled via the lighting control system occupancy sensors to reduce energy costs when the labs are unoccupied. Incorporated into the design were a complete lighting control system, telecommunications, audio/visual, and security systems.

Hal Dell performed the electrical and telecommunications design services for this project.