LEED Services

Dell Consulting has six LEED Accredited Professionals; Lynn Dell, P.E., Hal Dell, P.E., Andy Maurin P.E., Steven Day, P.E., Jason Matiacio, P.E., and Romesh Canekeratne.

Our team has extensive experience with LEED planning during the design phase to achieve LEED Certification and implementing best practices for sustainable design of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The process is initiated with a meeting of the design team to discuss and select the LEED scorecard points readily achievable and to discuss the approach for opportunities to achieve the points required for the target Certification level.

We are involved with the Energy Modeling, Site Boundary selection, and Equipment selections to establish the basis for envelope design, building orientation and systems controls. As the design progresses, the team reviews the work to insure the LEED goals are maintained.

Upon completion of the project, the building systems are Commissioned to document and or adjust the operation of all systems, lighting controls and HVAC controls specifically. The Dell Team then completes the requisite documentation on the LEED website.